Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weight Blotchers

Today I joined Weight Watchers. I've been wanting to lose weight for years but never stopped playing video games long enough to do anything about it. Weight Watchers seemed interesting because it is more a way of tracking what you eat day to day.

The first meeting was interesting. I was cynical at hearing these ladies talk about their "fat pants" and stressing over weighing themselves but I did get excited and happy when other ladies talked about reaching certain goals. When one woman announced the had finally lost 16lbs everyone applauded and I really felt happy for her.


N.Bumpercar said...

there are a bunch of guys where i work that are on weight watchers . . . and it is pretty ridiculous to see how much they have lost . . . by that - i mean they have lost a bunch.

you may just enjoy it too - cause - it is all about points so you can just pretend that you are playing some extended play mmorpg - and leveling up - and - and -

cough . . . i lost my train there - sorry . . .

maryk said...

i did ww back in college.

it worked.

then i got fat again.

but it worked. when you count the stuff, it works.

then i stopped.

then i got two jobs at once, started jogging obsessively, and became a vegetarian and lost a ton.

now i'm fat again.

maryk said...


what i meant to say was:


you'll do great.

and i'll be so jealous.