Sunday, September 10, 2006

Little geeks in a big pond

Last month my brother-in-law George and I attended GenCon Indy. Check out some of what we saw on my
GenCon flickr set.

George and I mainly went to participate in a couple of Warmachine tournaments. We had fun and it was interesting to see a convention that is entirely geared towards gaming. There were booths by all the major roleplaying/card/miniature companies and some were selling pre-release items.

There weren't as many costumed folks as say Dragon Con, but there was just as much gamer funk.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hickory Horned Devil v. Fingers of Sausage

Size Comparison
Originally uploaded by clevermolly.
Biggest caterpillar in North America, I'll say. This guy graced a tiny tree next to my driveway. One quiet morning I could have sworn I heard him chomping on that leaf.

I may have sentenced him to an early death by pointing him out to my neighbors. The next day I saw him on a bush next to his favorite "eatin' tree." The day after that he was nowhere to be found.

The Hickory Horned Devil is currently the bug of the month on