Saturday, February 25, 2006


Here is one of the best Weezer-esque power pop songs by a Japanese band in English that I've heard in a while. Firestarter by Beat Crusaders. Clunky's been playing this song in rotation for a while too. Now that's poppy!

Friday, February 24, 2006

The "ass" in assassination

Me and Sarah Vowell
Originally uploaded by Casey Willis.
Last night I went to the Carter Center with my co-worker Mack to see Sarah Vowell. She was funny and charming. I thought I had a crush on her before, now I know I do. She read from her book "Assassination Vacation" and some Op-Ed pieces she's done recently. She also took some questions (the last two were about the Incredibles).

The following is the actual conversation I had after this picture was taken:

SV: Oh, I got a thumbs up.

CW: Yeah. Have you seen 43 plays for 43 presidents?

SV: No... (with rising intonation, I've piqued her interest!)

CW: It's awesome. It's by the Neo-Futurists out of Chicago.

SV: Oh, ok.

CW: Each president gets 2 minutes (I flash two fingers, almost Chuck Woolery-style)

SV: They have a short attention span.


That was awesome but my fantasy version is even better:

SV: Oh, I see you have an [adult swim] hoodie on, are you a fan?

CW: Yeah, I also work on a show.

SV: Which one?

CW: We used to work on Sealab but now we are working on a new show.

SV: That's my favorite! You know the one episode where the tiny John Wilkes Booth shoots Quinn in the head?

CW: I thought you'd like that one...

Man, I'm smooth.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

3-prong grip of death

Originally uploaded by Casey Willis.
Here's a photo of stuffed animals I won in Japan. I won them all in UFO catchers (crane machines). Click the picture to she the names of some of these characters.