Monday, July 31, 2006

Dim Sum bulging-ass eyes

Two weeks ago I had my first Dim Sum. Molly was there and see documented the whole thing. It seemed like the Dim Sum at Happy Village was the real deal because the vast majority of customer were Chinese. Here are my Dim Sum tips:

1) Pace yourself. Don't just grab as many items as you can off the first cart that passes by. I was super stuffed and then I saw a plate of little clams. Dammit! I love little clams, but there was no way I could eat anymore.

2) Sesame balls are worth waiting for (we had to wait 15mins.)

3) Don't watch Chinese girls eat a chicken's foot. They gnaw on it and just let the bones tumble out of their mouths. I say girls because I didn't see any men eating a chicken's feet. I did, however, see a Chinese man wearing the worst toupee I had ever seen.

4) Sweet tofu dessert (ame-dofu?) soothes my guts.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tiger's milk?

The poop and pee are happy to be flushed!

[via metafilter which, in turn, is via japan probe]